people having lunch at JO&JOE Hossegor

Come and have a drink,and much more if you feel like it

Come and have a drinkand much moreif you feel like it

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458 avenue de Gaujacq,
40150 Hossegor, France
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From morning to evening,
eat JO&JOE-style

When you sit down to eat at JO&JOE, you’re opening yourself up to an amazing mix of genres. Whether sitting under the pergola or in the garden, you can hang out with groups of friends, co-workers or families, surfers and yogis, as well as the locals and passers-by. A few good beers, simple and tasty food: everything you need to have a great time.


The majority of the produce we serve is sourced locally.


Large tables so you can share more than just a meal.

At the right price

You don't have to spend a fortune to eat good food.

Home-made food

As good as your mum’s cooking.

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breakfast with bread and cappuccino at JO&JOE Hossegor
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7:00 / 10:30

two people eating salad and burritos while playing at uno
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12:00 / 14:30

aperitif at JO&JOE Hossegor


18:00 / 00:00

dinner with burger and fries at JO&JOE Hossegor
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18:00 / 22:30

When it’s time for drinks...

When friends arrive, we get out the tapas and platters of local sausages and cheese. And if you're nice, maybe you'll get one for the whole table to share.

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review by Max - it's a place where you can feel at ease, everyone hangs out together review by Rowan - we went surfing and paddleboarding. awesome review by Laura - this place is really chilled, with a party vibe! can't wait to come back review by Liam - I recommend this place because it's different review by Tiffany - an amazing week on holiday, just how we like it review by Lauren - a group of 10 od us came for a hen do and we couldn't have dreamed of anything better review by alex - actually the best place ever

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