Most of the time, “hostel” is associated with travel memories, youth, good vibes, nice encounters, and sometimes… a lack of comfort. The atmosphere there is super chill and particularly friendly. You can meet travellers from all over the world, they become friends, you share a few drinks, a few meals, chatting about life and mostly enjoying it… Well, you build memories!
Unfortunately, those memories usually belong to the past… But JO&JOE recreated this atmosphere for everyone, adding comfort and style!
The bar and restaurant are the heart of our Open Houses. This is where everything happens and it makes a huge difference for our customers as well as our partners.
JO&JOE was born from a market opportunity. It combines the very best of youth hostels, hotels and private hirings.
Of course, the number of beds per m² and the construction costs have been optimised. But it is the F&B that makes the whole difference.
Catering represents an important part of the revenue generated, and it is a little secret of ours to noticeably grow our return on investment. From 2021, JO&JOE joined Ennismore to create a new autonomous entity, that is now the leader in the industry. Since then, the brand has become a dynamic market leader in partnership with Ennismore, that has become the largest and fastest-growing lifestyle hospitality company.



Ennismore brings together a portfolio of iconic brands with unique, creative and authentic experiences. In another words, the brand aims to manage unique properties and experiences in some of the most exciting destinations around the world.



If you are thinking about giving a second life to your old house, your boat, your castle or your manor house, we are destined to meet each other…Especially if it is located in a place known for being a bit offbeat, innovative and “bon vivant”!
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