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Open House

JO&JOE creates the Open House, a new kind of hospitality.

A house open to neighbours and travellers alike. A Cool, affordable and caring house, filled with ever surprising design, animations and talents. A house where you feel free to meet and mix, clink glasses, have a bite to eat together, cook, chat, laugh, unwind, dream, work, love, do yoga, play the guitar, explore the city... and sleep! A house where you will simply live life to the full...

First openings in 2018 and aiming 50 Open Houses in your favourite destinations.

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Happiness Creator

THE PLAYGROUND: Where Things Happen
Modular design, Build it like you Want it
Cheeky & Nerdy Games
Open Source Events by you & for you!
Set Up your own Challenge: cooking, theater, dance...
Suggest a WUF: Who's Up For

Spice it up with a Drink!


feel free to

Good Food, Good Mood!

Affordable, Anywhere, Anytime - AAA
Fresh & Local Products
Share Hearty Food
Outdoor Picnic style
The Shack, open 24/7!

Share it, eat it & delight it!


feel free to

Be the Chef, Cook as you feel!

Private Kitchen fully Equiped
Ready-to-cook Local Baskets
Reasonable & Local grocery store
Cooking Lessons, Find the Spark with a local !
Cooking Contest

Burn your calories, take a bike !


feel free to

Time to share a drink!

AAA : Accessible, Anywhere, Anytime
Merry drinks & Green drinks
Cocktail & Juice Lab
Local drink on tap

And after let’s play together!


feel free to

Make the City yours. Feel it!

Daily City Briefs... Must See tips & Secret places
Explorer’s kit GoPro
Yummy Food Basket
Go discover the City's Heartbeat with the PULSE JO&JOE
Be Off Track with Local Greeters

The City's yours, Make it your Playground


feel free to

Take a break, reenergize yourself

The SHACK is all you need, open 24/7
THE HAPPY HOUSE, to get cosy
TOGETHERS, shared Rooms & Bathrooms
FLAT, all in one
The YOURS room a new kind of privacy
The Out Of Ordinary... a room never seen before

Wake up, Discover the City, go Crazy !


feel free to

The Best Never Rest !

Open Talent Stage
Daily Events Scheduled
Inspire & Trigger Passions with people you meet
Share your Passion with a WUF, Who's Up For ?

Take a Break and Relax !


feel free to

Write your Success Story !

Open & Stressfree Work Space
Power plugs & Free Power WIFI everywhere
Supporting staff to ease your time
24/7 perks : Drinks, food & more
Playroom to Free your Mind

Work hard, dream big !


feel free to

Enjoy your new heaven !

OOO (out of ordinary room) is waiting for you !
Duo food & drinks 24/7
Off Track events for 2 !
Celebration Party Package
Romantic snuggle & catnap

Already giving up ?


feel free to

Don't miss out & Stay tuned

Live Web Cam
Join the Community
Propose & Join Who's Up For activities
Share, Watch & Comment life @joandjoe
Be in touch with us on Facebook, ...

Share, Care but mostly Dare


feel free to



JO&JOE is a place to live, an unexpected and innovative Open House welcoming both Townsters (people living nearby) and Tripsters (people in town to explore).
An integral part of neighborhood life, JO&JOE always has something going on, be it a concert, a yoga class or a DIY workshop.
The JO&JOE team and the Townsters and Tripsters themselves help keep the venue active and buzzing.


Don't miss out on the trendiest and most connected place; always near an outdoor place: garden, rooftop, urban vegetable garden, ... Neighbours, travellers, gather round in this place featuring events and togetherness. Brimming with life day in day out, the atmosphere evolves throughout the day.


Come enjoy our local and affordable homemade cuisine.
Our authentic cuisine is sure to fulfil the foodie in you: be it around the grills and open flame BBQs, woks or firewood pizzas ovens, each JO&JOE offers you its speciality!


Your second home if you stay at JO&JOE. This private space for Tripsters lets you relax, work, show off your cooking skills in the collaborative kitchen or wash your clothes.


Reload in a an ingenious and modular shared sleeping space without sacrificing privacy and choosing the bed that best fits you. In addition to spacious beds, private lockers, reading lights and USB ports, you have access to shared recreation areas and bathrooms.


If you are a group of friends, Yours are perfect for you! With a private bathroom and, depending on the format, a kitchen area: it's ideal for small groups and families. The space offered arbors a completely different look from a conventional hotel room thanks to originally shaped and extremely comfortable beds.


If having space to reload, fix yourself a snack or watch movies directly on the wall is a must for you, JO&JOE’s Flats are made for you. Private rooms, a living room with a kitchen, and a bathroom: all the comfort you need is there!


A two-persons cocoon. Still hesitating? How about having your very own bathroom and private screening wall to watch movies from your bed?


Experience an unexpected accommodation for lone travelers or groups of up to six people.

Welcome Backstage
Wanna know how Jo&Joe was born. Just watch !

Otherwise, you can catch us on