Open House

JO&JOE creates the Open House, a new kind of hospitality.

A house open to neighbours and travellers alike. A Cool, affordable and caring house, filled with ever surprising design, animations and talents. A house where you feel free to meet and mix, clink glasses, have a bite to eat together, cook, chat, laugh, unwind, dream, work, love, do yoga, play the guitar, explore the city... and sleep ! A house where you will simply live life to the full...

First openings in 2018 and aiming 50 Open Houses in your favourite destinations.




Happiness Creator

THE PLAYGROUND: Where Things Happen
Modular design, Build it like you Want it
Cheeky & Nerdy Games
Open Source Events by you & for you !
Set Up your own Challenge : cooking, theater, dance...
Suggest a WUF : Who's Up For

Spice it up with a Drink !


feel free to


feel free to

Good Food, Good Mood !

Affordable, Anywhere, Anytime - AAA
Fresh & Local Products
Share Hearty Food
Outdoor Picnic style
The Shack, open 24/7 !

Share it, eat it & delight it !


feel free to

Be the Chef, Cook as you feel !

Private Kitchen fully Equiped
Ready-to-cook Local Baskets
Reasonable & Local grocery store
Cooking Lessons, Find the Spark with a local !
Cooking Contest

Burn your calories, take a bike !


feel free to

Time to share a drink !

AAA : Accessible, Anywhere, Anytime
Merry drinks & Green drinks
Cocktail & Juice Lab
Local drink on tap

And after let’s play together !

Make the City yours. Feel it !

Daily City Briefs... Must See tips & Secret places
Explorer’s kit GoPro
Yummy Food Basket
Go discover the City's Heartbeat with the PULSE JO&JOE
Be Off Track with Local Greeters

The City's yours, Make it your Playground


feel free to


feel free to

Take a break, reenergize yourself

The SHACK is all you need, open 24/7
THE HAPPY HOUSE, to get cosy
TOGETHERS, shared Rooms & Bathrooms
FLAT, all in one
The YOURS room a new kind of privacy
The Out Of Ordinary... a room never seen before

Wake up, Discover the City, go Crazy !

The Best Never Rest !

Open Talent Stage
Daily Events Scheduled
Inspire & Trigger Passions with people you meet
Share your Passion with a WUF, Who's Up For ?

Take a Break and Relax !


feel free to


feel free to

Write your Success Story !

Open & Stressfree Work Space
Power plugs & Free Power WIFI everywhere
Supporting staff to ease your time
24/7 perks : Drinks, food & more
Playroom to Free your Mind

Work hard, dream big !

Enjoy your new heaven !

OOO (out of ordinary room) is waiting for you !
Duo food & drinks 24/7
Off Track events for 2 !
Celebration Party Package
Romantic snuggle & catnap

Already giving up ?


feel free to


feel free to

Don't miss out & Stay tuned

Live Web Cam
Join the Community
Propose & Join Who's Up For activities
Share, Watch & Comment life @joandjoe
Be in touch with us on Facebook, ...

Share, Care but mostly Dare


  • play
  • eat
  • cook
  • drink
  • explore
  • reload
  • shine
  • work
  • love
  • connect
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