A home like no other


Be open to the unexpected

At JO&JOE, surprise is a way of life: from mix nights to improvised concerts, from drinking aperitifs to watching sunsets with the neighbors. Whether you like to plan your schedule in advance, or you can’t stand planning anything, we cater to everyone.



At JO&JOE we believe we can have an impact, and it all starts from the building itself to welcoming associations.

We are proud to be part of this generation that takes care of our planet. Discover our green actions to help preserve our future.

"BBCA" label low carbon footprint at Gentilly

Green rooftop at Nation

Beehives at Hossegor

Building cools down the neighbourhood about -1.5° in Summer at Vienna

Cooking oil collected by a company at Nation, Gentilly & Hossegor

Photovoltaic panels at Vienna